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Hello. I’m Mark Scarpaci, president of Ashland Creative Response. Thank you for visiting my web site.

I’ve been working with clients and writing successful brand response scripts for over thirty-five years. I started at an ad agency in Los Angeles, cutting my teeth as a copywriter and eventually moving on to an agency of my own. And for the last 15 years in Ashland, Oregon, I’ve been focusing on my first love – writing. My broad range of experience gives me the capabilities and wisdom you can trust to deliver the goods.

Mark and I have done some really good work together. I’m thinking particularly about the work we did for HSN and Keith Urban. Mark knows how to craft an infomercial…works hard and delivers results.

— Marc Mayhew, President, Mayhew Breen Productions

Worked with the Best

I’ve written for a number of hosts including: Keith Urban, Serena Williams, Shaun T, Lindsay Wagner, Dwayne Wade, Jane Seymour, Mariel Hemingway and Bill Nye the Science Guy. Companies such as Phillips, Gibson, Hoover, U.S. Bank, Xerox, Lowe’s, Best Buy, Beachbody, Guthy-Renker and Disney have all trusted their brand image and their bottom line to my words.

The Power of Collaboration

Many of my projects have sold over a million units or more, and I’ve learned making a hit show is a team effort. Even though I take pride in building a brand and selling a product, in the end, writing a winning script is about listening to all parties, including and maybe most importantly the customer who will purchase the product. I am a team player who values the power of collaboration. My primary goal is to work together to define your marketing needs and deliver a script with clear concise messaging, with moments that emotionally connect to the viewer and move them to purchase your product.

It is with great confidence that I recommend Mark Scarpaci as a creative director and writer when taking on an important Direct to Consumer advertising campaign.

— Robert Celecia, President/executive producer, RCAFILMS

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Mark is a fun, creative, witty guy to hang with and can solve problems on set, coming up with solutions on the fly!

— Stuart Asbjornsen, Capstone Film

Fast, Efficient, On-Target

I write fast, re-write even faster, and have a knack for capturing comments of multiple points of view without turning it into mud. I also create on-target testimonial questions that support the key sales points. I’ve interviewed hundreds of testimonials, so I know what kind of questions to ask to get the emotional response that transforms a viewer into a customer.

My typical scripting formula is to brainstorm marketing, create a foundation document with top 5 sales points and supporting scenes, create a detailed outline, and write multiple drafts of the script. This doesn’t necessarily mean a long timeline, because my writing and marketing is fast, efficient and on-target!

Let’s Get To It!

How about you? Are you looking for a creative, hard working writer with a strong track record of success? Please send me an email at or better yet, call me at (541) 552-0777 to discuss your next project.

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